Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Heart Stirs with Blessings For Mother Earth

It's EARTH week
A time of rejoicing for the many blessings Mother Earth has given us.
When I think of giving thanks, I'm brought back to a time when I REALLY started connecting to Mother Earth in a way my heart, body and soul never knew possible in Mexico February 2013.

My story of Earth connection is interconnected with the story of a great man,
Don Chon ~ A Shawman, a powerful healer, a wise soul, a opener of hearts, a warrior of fear, a being of such magnificent light and beauty.  I am so blessed to have met him and have a small part of his wisdom transfer to my understanding.

The year 2013 was full of personal turmoil, where I felt unsafe in the world and didn't have much grounding.  I wanted more for myself but didn't know how to get there.  Being to Mexico in 2012, with my then family and knowing the energy and powerful healing of the land at Mar de Jade, I decided to go back in my time of need.

I want YOU to deeply understand the energy behind this place, so let me paint the picture of this magnificent land and energy for you..
Imagine this.. you are driving in a white van with seating for 7 plus the driver, you are alone, maybe a little scared wondering what did you sign up for.  As the evening sun sits just above the sea level you look around at what appears to be poverty, a village of few people but many shops, colourful and laid out patiently waiting to draw people in.  The road is extremely bumpy and you travel through a forested area meters away from the sea shore, between trees, dodging boulders, passing old shed type homes, tents and outdoor showers of a Mexican beach campsite.  

Just as you almost sink deep into the horror of thinking this is less than your ideal vacation, a clearing, a gateway made of bamboo, a driveway, smooth and calming.  

A huge sculpture of a turtle at the entrance which is by no mistake the oldest symbol of Mother Earth!!  It also symbolizes and reminds us to stay grounded, slow down, gain emotional strength, and most importantly tap into ancient wisdom.

A stirring deep within my chest, a warming, an expanding and a knowing I am in the right place.  The heat and humidity surrounds my body, welcoming me like a warm hug of a dear loved one.  I am home.

There is such loving power and intensity here.  Mother Earth is so very present.  Her dormant power resides among us in the form of a volcano.  The forest is lush with life, part of the beach is covered in her deep dark lava rocks that roll out and extend into a sea of green and overall there is a ripe fullness of love.

In 2012 I saw Don Shon, but never approached him, maybe I wasn't ready, maybe I wasn't open enough, or willing enough to see life in a more spiritual way.  I'll never know but also make nothing of it because I trust that everything happens as it's meant to.  So in 2013 I approached him for his healing, I didn't really know what I was getting into but just kind of jumped in, I figured why not, I've got nothing to loose!

I didn't know much about the unseen & unspoken world of spirit other than a few books (the Celestine Prophecy) from my teens and some openings to drumming circles, sweat lodges and meeting fascinating people who opened my mind.

The healing, and blessings Don Chon gave me are only now being seen for what they really where and I'm sure there are still more openings that I am unaware of based on his words of intention.  

What I've come to understand is the importance of loving and nurturing everyone in our lives, all the animals that come before us, the land & Mother Earth.  

They are all gifts.  
People keep us on track to becoming our best selves, challenging us in new ways.

Animals are symbols of what we are dealing with in that moment. When an animal crosses your path try googling the animal with the word totem and see what comes up.  It's mind blowing how much it can coincidentally be aligned with your life and may even give you answers, it did for me!

The world around us is supporting us, loving us, guiding us to become our best selves.

So I ask you to simply stop to give thanks, acknowledge the planet for all the blessings around you in this very moment. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Maintaining Balance ~ Melissa & Jason Murphy

I absolutely love this couple!!
We've been friends for just under a year, and in that time I have witnessed the strength in the way Melissa & Jason embody being a TEAM.

We spent New Years with two other amazing souls and together we created vision boards for the year ahead.
Jason moved forward in a great energy of... "lets get this thing done."  He was the first to complete his.. us ladies took weeks before bringing all the pieces together. HA!  Goes to show we all move at our own pace, and when we are ahead in a journey we simply become the inspiration or rock for others. 

There is such simple wisdom by being in the presence of these two.  What I've come to see is a way of maintaining balance, they are equals, they hold strength together and for one another.  That strength adjusts itself moment to moment, one more in another through difficult times but.. Always.. Together.. Balanced.

One thing Melissa shared with me is their drive to living a healthy lifestyle.  These two are so very committed to working out and eating health, it is a huge inspiration.  This to me is what keeps them sustained at being balanced.

These two photos were so much fun, I L0vE the look.. and behind the scenes there were many giggles and laughs.  Not everything is so serious, especially when we try to be.

A moment captured.. Just Being.

This is my absolute favourite!
JoYous, Outrageous, FuN! 

Simply enjoying one another

To me, these two embody a healthy, happy, fulfilling life and relationship.  They have worked their butts off to get here and I am so honoured to capture the results of such determination.
With Love

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Darlene is in a fantastic transformational stage of her life... from Accountant to Energy Healer.  I can relate to some degree in the transition it takes to go from what I consider a left brain way of being to the right brain, or to simply become more balanced.  

Not to mention, stepping more and more into who we are meant to become to serve the people in our lives and to heal the planet.  It's no small matter. 

There is no mistake of Darlene's journey, this woman has a gentle and nurturing nature along with a solid grounding.  She is so very energy aware and receptive to what others are experiencing.  I wish her the greatest of success in sharing her lovely gifts as an Energy Healer.  

I'm so thrilled with the results of our time together, we set some intentions, brought out the best in each other and rocked this shoot.

You can find out more about Darlene Speager here.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Wow who knew that writing a blog post could be such a daunting task and yet an amazing life lesson.  I've been working with a yoga and writing coach the last 2 years (www.languageofyoga.com) and through working with Michele I not only discovered who I am, but also that my words matter. This is pretty big for me. 
Although since I've found this empowering place within myself I still struggle in worrying what to say, how to say it, how it will be received..blah blah blah.  and in doing so I've become stagnant with my blog which really sucks because the obvious of not getting my work out there for others to see. 
So what I've learned is to just let go, let go of the ideas of getting this right and perfect.. because I'm not and really all I want to do is Celebrate the beauty of the people I've photographed in the later part of 2013 and to share a few touching stories of how these amazing people made a difference in my life.

So here I go in my imperfectness. :P 

The Ratson family.. what a treasure!
It was when I had put all the photos together to present to the couple that I felt so deeply rewarded by what I do. The tears of joy this mother had in seeing the beauty of her family was more precious beyond words.  I will never forget that moment.

Jill came to me for my creative vision, and to capture Exactly who she is in her profession as a business and marketing coach.  Professional, honest, and no non sense kinda woman, this super savvy lady gives amazing business advice.  You can find her at... www.jbcrossland.com

Oh dear Michelle, I love the joy and light you bring to life.  Both Michelle and I are what she calls divinely guided and we really get a kick out of finding the signs in everyday moments.(example noted above)  If you ask me, it makes life so much more fun, you should try it out. ;)  Michelle is a coach and She works with people who are ready to know their heart, trust themselves, and to find their joy. www.lilatree.com 

JOYFUL Leona brings a creative flare in finding simple ways to make life fun and enjoyable.  Her energy is contagious and you cannot help but feel excitement over a small gesture or creative idea to make life better.  Find out more about Leona's coaching services here, www.accendoconsulting.ca.

Lovely Ramona Remesat, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master and all around amazing spiritual teacher.  She is so in tune with her intuition and is a wonderful example of how we create exactly what we focus on.  Set the intention and it will be.  www.connect2yourangels.com

Leah has been one of a few who have supported me through some pretty rough waters.  For me she has been the warrior of light, guiding me through the darkness by gently loving the dark and not fighting it but accepting what is.  Some very powerful work can be accomplished with this woman.  www.leahhalvorsen.com

The deeply rooted soul this woman has is truly awe inspiring.  I had the pleasure to photograph Linda for her homoeopathie practice (www.xerion.ca) and to showcase her compassionate nature as a doctor.  The magic really began to soar when she began to play the piano and sing, it was an honour to expereience and to photograh her passions for life.

I always love getting my baby fix, this shoot however was double the fun and my first newborn twin shoot ever! 
What I love about this image is it depicts a papa's love, his strength to carry the weight of his two little girls and beautiful wife.  Although he was shy to be photographed I feel I revealed this fathers masculine energy at it's finest. 

As a final note on this writing experience, I find myself finishing up in the early hours when I was deeply inspired and the words began to burn to come out... I think I'm onto something here and I can't wait to see where things lead me. 
What lies behind me, supports me and I am in such gratitude for it all.
The year of the horse is blazing ahead with many blessings and amazing opportunities already.  Watch for my new website to arrive in the Spring 2014.
With Love,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mushroom Moments

One thing about me is I love to learn,
I'm always looking for the lessons in life,
Always searching for the connections and creating meanings.
I'm kinda crazy that way. haha

Thing is, the story behind these Mushrooms completely stumped me!

I was searching for the meaning online..
What do they mean?
What is their symbolism?
How can I relate this to my life?

What I found...
There is a magical essence to them that gives life to a world of fairies, sprites and all things whimsical.  They also symbolize the cycle of life, the feminine spirit, and fertility.

While this could relate to me on some level, it just wasn't clicking.. there was something more to be learned that I couldn't quite see.

It wasn't until I saved these photos to my computer and opened them with new eyes that I could understand.  What I love most about this experience is that I've stopped to find my own inner wisdom by asking myself.. 

What did this mean to me when I took it, how did I feel? 
What can I learn from the actual situation that was right in front of me?  

Someone I love deeply claimed.. "Sometimes what we're searching for is right in front of us!"
Go figure! 
Who woulda thought! lol

Well that someone was the one who encouraged the child spirit in me to shine through. To capture the moment, and in doing so love was shared between us as he could appreciate all of who I am. Not to mention, it was a push and a step forward in trusting my intuition, and taking Action in the Moment.

For that mushroom moment, I am thankful

However small it may seem.. 
it means the world to me NOW. 

PS~ Sorry for the grammar mistakes.. I'm not perfect. :p

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Launching Point

Let's be honest, it's been some time since I've posted on this page... in part I've focused my business energy on my facebook page (which I encourage you to visit and "like") and in part a whole lotta other "stuff" and reasons why.. blah .. blah .. blah

So lets be Frank..
This. IS. ME.. (but I'm Tracy ;)
Stepping up and out of my comfort zone

Yeah I'm a dork at times. haha

I'm ready to show up in the world in a new way, in the way I've always wanted to be, and through my mentors, and supportive friends & family I've found the courage to do so.  I am eternally grateful to ALL of you. xo

There have been so many times when my negative self chatter would stop me from taking action in the direction of how I am  meant to serve others.  It wasn't until I pushed through many of my internal blocks that I am now able to put myself out into the world in a more confident and empowering way. (Yikes!!)

Even now I struggle with not wanting to put this "out there".. and so I know it must be done.

So as a new launching point I would like to share a small story with you...

Through the eyes of my three year old son our world appears to be very, very different. 
A mere hill is considered a MOUNTAIN &,
A group of bushes = a FoReSt

This perspective made me stop to think...
I used to make MOUNTAINS out of mole hills in the sense of daily life stresses, living in the busyness of the "Alberta dream" (making oober amounts of $$ and working my a$$ off)

Yet from my son's view.. from way.. down.. there...
A sense of Accomplishment could emerge &
An excitement of exploring new places

I absolutely delight in the way my son constantly shows me how life is really meant to be lived.

So I ask you.. Where in your 9 to 5 life can you find the sense of wonder and whimsical energy?
For me I find it in the connections, more on that to come... ;)

With Love,

My wish for you is to see the simple gift of joy today brings.